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Monday, 17 December 2012

I wind a mean attie!

I have just sat for an hour or so winding new atties. I regard this as a chore! The trouble is I wind a mean attie and they simply last for ages, so I just carry on and on until I have used them all up. The last time I did my winding chore was a good few months back.

Last post? complained of losing my palate, but I investigated my atomisers currently in use. I left them till last obviously because I am running out of freshly prepared atties for my vivi nova tanks. They are all high resistance which I have found need a long, slow, rather more dreary draw than low resistance which I prefer. I must have used all those up first.

I have found that my mod is better on low resistance atties. So that's what I make.

Ah well, the one thing about chores is that when you've done them, you feel good about it. I feel good! I have twelve low resitance atties, freshly wound with love to last me well into 2013.