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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

We should have stayed in bed.

I can't keep up with all the things happening in the vaping community. Well, to be honest - it's not just the vaping community, its blogs I follow, google alerts, emails from my five email addresses, facebook, google+, You Tube and more.

I have a sort of routine in the morning. The cat and dog come to me and we snuggle on the bed. My husband has brought me coffee before he exits to go to work. I go online on my playbook which has all this stuff (social networking) consolidated and it tells me how many items demand my attention. My attention might be replying to, viewing something or simply pushing the delete button.

This all takes time. But remember I am retired (yeah!). If I do it all properly, I have got everything under control by 10:00am and the animals and I can get up. I make breakfast, eating late.

While I do my chores (or not, depending) I try to keep in mind what I want to say in my blog(s).  Though why I should need to blog, escapes me. Except that I have written all my life and I enjoy it. Blogging is far more enjoyable than being controlled by an editor or have to stick to your topic as a journalist. You can do what you like in a Blog. I like that.

I love being retired. I can do what I like. I am really enjoying my life at the moment. It's the best time!

This morning there were only 71 emails and things to respond to. I got up earlier. But have done nothing more than if I'd stayed in bed till 10:00am. I have watched videos, written, chased information down information rabbit holes and got colder and colder sitting in the lounge  vaping in my usual chair. Outside it is wet and cold. The central heating repair man has come back from his hols - but he hasn't been to our house. The dog is lying shivering on the sofa.

We should have stayed in bed.