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Saturday, 8 December 2012

RIP Jacintha

It occurred to me that the nurse who committed suicide,

Duchess of Cambridge hospital accuses DJs of humiliating nurses with prank call

was Asian and might not possibly have been able to tell whether the abusers who made the prank call had "good" or "bad" English accents when they spoke on the phone.

People in USA who watch my videos, tell me they love my "English Accent" - but I do not have an "English accent"!

So it was really sad her abusers were so amused that she took the bait even though their accents were so bad. They LAUGHED with glee! Would she be able to know about their accents?

How can we ever know what our actions will do to another when we do them on a dangerous "high" of feeling clever?  We become thoughtless cretins marinaded in our self admiration. What a pity. What a shame. They really had no idea, silly people!

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