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Monday, 10 December 2012

No lookalike-ees pleese - we are VAPERS not smokers!

I do not like lookalike-eee e cigarettes. Recently I was using one in order to review it. As lookalike-ees go, it is quite acceptable and better than most. As a starter pack, it had the usual flaw of only providing one battery.

But a strange thing occurred whilst I was testing it. My grandchildren were staying for the weekend. They have always known me as a smoker. And over the last year, as a vaper. I have never hidden my "vice". I believe children that are shielded from real life, are at a disadvantage to those who are not. Hiding smoking from children, in real life, in movies, in pictures, through history or through over-protection, is dangerous and makes it all the more glamorous due to its secrecy.

Likewise, our children were taught how to use alcohol. They were allowed wine (watered down often) when we had special events, just like the grownups. And they have followed through as grownups, by not having to get "bladdered" by alcohol and use it responsibly.

When I was smoking, my grandchildren got "lessons" on why smoking was a silly, smelly,expensive habit and that it was a good idea not to do it in their future. If they grow up like our children, they won't bother to try it, knowing all about it.

I have explained that vaping is what I do now I don't smoke.

And so, the weird thing was, that when I was testing the lookalike-ee over the weekend, I had to hide it from them in case they thought I was smoking! I felt ashamed of it...oh dear...I realised I am proud to be a vaper, but not a smoker.