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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Crazy palate - how do you draw in the vapour?

Sometimes I have trouble enjoying e liquid that has been a favourite for months. I suddenly just go off the taste. Or something I thought was good seems absolutely foul! I just took a puff of a cartomiser I knew was filled with a recent jummy mixture, and it tasted like TCP. Do you know TCP?

When I was a child, I was seriously ill with a life threatening throat condition similar to Diphtheria. I had to gargle with TCP. Just the smell, even a faint intimation of TCP makes me gag. Not so long ago I had to regularly teach an old man who reeked of TCP. Sitting next to him at a computer was an awful ordeal.

I think TCP might be an old fashioned thing now. It's horrid.

Anyway, my recent puff on a carto tasting like TCP made me think that my palate has gone crazy. It might have something to do with the fact that I burnt my tongue on hot soup and even vaping is uncomfortable.I'm dragging the vapour in with the PV/PA sideways so my tongue doesn't get hit.

I wonder which way most people vape - drawing over the tongue, drawing to the roof of the mouth, drawing in sideways to the opposite cheek or drawing in sideways to the near cheek?

Right now, I am using a tank filled with plain e liquid nic base that I mix myself (1.8%) with no flavour. I am giving my taste buds the day off.

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  1. Interesting Liz - I know I have regularly scalded my tongue on hot food (yea I know, I should slow down) and had it negatively affect my vaping experience. Taste is a strange thing sometimes and vaping really makes one become aware of that fact. While I don't ever get a real foul taste unless I hit a bad carto, I have many times had a metallic taste due to my scalded taste buds. Usually only lasts a day or two though...